We make available a selection of genealogy publications which are useful to those performing research in the western Pennsylvania area. To order, please contact us via email. These books are all privately published and are not available from bookstores or from e-stores. Many are in danger of being sold out so please email to confirm that they are still in stock. Below the bulleted list are the descriptions.

  • Pioneer Cemeteries of Hampton Township, Allegheny County, PA
  • Pioneer Cemeteries of Pine and Richland Townships, Allegheny County, PA
  • Pioneer Cemeteries of Franklin Park Borough and Marshall Township, Allegheny County, PA
  • Abstracts of Allegheny County, PA Will Books Volumes I through V (1789-1845)
  • Abstracts of Allegheny County, PA Deed Books Volumes I and II (1787 – 1792)
  • Baptisms in Trinity Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA, 1803-1867
  • Burials in Trinity Churchyard, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Marriage Records of Squires Isaac and Joseph F. Mayes (1814-1844) and (1882-1885)
  • An Index to the 1798 Direct Tax for Pennsylvania: Allegheny County
  • Township of Pine, Allegheny County, PA, 1796 – 1996
  • A Pennsylvania Chronicle: The History of Marshall Township [Allegheny County, PA]
  • Descendants of Henry and Mary (Faust) Leckey of Johnstown, PA
  • The Hartman Family of Medina County, Ohio, 1993.

Pioneer Cemeteries of Hampton Township, Allegheny County, PA

compiled by the North Hills Genealogists in 1997 from the tombstones and funeral home log book and other records of the cemeteries. This hardbound, library-quality book on 203 acid-free pages contains a 4-page insert including the “Membership Register of the Pine Creek Reformed Presbyterian Church as of May 1 1843” and the “Baptisms of the Rev. John Galbraith from 1843-1865.” Complete index available.

This cemetery book documents the final resting places of many settlers of the area. It includes not only complete tombstone readings for the Pine Creek, Depreciation Lands, and Hampton Cemeteries, but also the lot owners’ book for the latter and a guide to the other five cemeteries in Hampton Township. Each stone has been recorded exactly with dates, relationships, epitaphs, stone carvers’ names, war veterans and other notations such as the condition of the stone or whether any other marker or a photo of the deceased was present. It also contains many photographs of the gravestones, histories of the cemeteries, and maps of the area, both current and from 1876. An everyname index includes maiden names when known. Originally $19.95 plus shipping and tax for Pennsylvania residents. Now only $15, limited supply. Discount for libraries (see www.NorthHillsGenealogists.org).

Pioneer Cemeteries of Pine and Richland Townships, Allegheny County, PA

This definitive work documents the final resting places of many suburban Pittsburgh settlers and their descendants. It includes complete tombstone readings for all the old cemeteries of the two townships as well as other information, such as church records, when available. Every stone has been recorded exactly as the information appears with dates, relationships, epitaphs, stone carvers’ names, symbols and other notations. An everyname index includes maiden names, military service units when known, and funeral homes. This 496-page hard bound, library-quality book contains many gravestone photos, along with area maps and histories.

Originally $39.95, plus 7% sales tax for Pennsylvania residents plus shipping, it is now only $15. Discount for libraries (see www.NorthHillsGenealogists.org where an every name index is available).

Pioneer Cemeteries of Franklin Park Borough and Marshall Township, Allegheny County, PA

Third in a series of cemetery reading books covering northern Allegheny County, this hard cover, library-quality 368-page book includes seven cemeteries with fresh readings for all the tombstones plus comparisons to previous readings and unpublished church records. Descriptions of each stone are given with color, condition, symbols, and stone carvers’ names. Indexed and cross-referenced with maiden names, military units, place of origin, and funeral home directors, the book also includes maps, photos, illustrations, directions to the cemeteries and their histories.

Originally $29.95, plus 7% sales tax for Pennsylvania residents plus shipping, it is now only $15. Discount for libraries (see www.NorthHillsGenealogists.org where an every name index is available).

Abstracts of Allegheny County, PA Will Books, Volumes I through V (1789 through January 1845)

compiled in 1986 by Helen L. Harriss, CG and Elizabeth J. Wall. Includes an every-name index with cross references to maiden and married names. $25 plus $4 shipping (PA residents add 7% tax).

This 255-page softbound new book includes an every-name index with cross references to maiden and married names. BUT it is NOT just a listing of names of the deceased and the book and page numbers, but the ACTUAL abstract of the document of who got what, their stated relationship to the deceased, executors, witnesses, and any person whose name appears, including land abutters. This book makes a fine addition to any library, both public and private! Allegheny County and Pittsburgh were the Gateway to the West and not all testators were permanent western Pennsylvania residents. For Example:

Will Book I, page 141, No. 84, John Campbell of Jefferson County, VA, dated 21 July 1786 and recorded 13 Jan 1800 Proved before court of Fayette County, Kentucky. Father was Allen Campbell of Snobane, County Tyrone, Ireland. Half-brother: Allen Campbell. Sister: Sarah Beard and her children, if she and half-brother come to America. Brother: Robert Campbell. Refers to: James Milligan, N.Y.C. Controller of Continental Treasury. Executors: James Milligan, Charles Simms of Alexandria, VA, Richard Taylor, William Elliott of Westmoreland Co., PA, Philip Ross of Washington Co., PA to sell slaves, land, and PA/VA warrants. Witnesses: Harry Innis, T. Perkins, Christo Greenup. Codicil dated 5 Apr 1791 annulled James Milligan as Executor.

Another Example from Will Book I, page 15, no. 1: James Whitaker of Washington Co., PA, dated 16 June 1788, recorded 15 June 1789. Wife was Catherine; sons Aaron, Abraham, Isaac, James, Daniel. Daughters Charlotte, Mary, Elizabeth, Ellinor. Refers to money in Maryland; Negro boy; Mulatta girl; Negro girl, Cass; Negro Elinor. Executors are wife, Catherine Whitaker and sons, James and Daniel Whitaker. Witnesses were Simon Fletcher, James Patten, Isaac Hays.

Abstracts of Allegheny County, PA Deed Books I and II (1787 to 1792)

by Helen L. Harriss, CG. $15 plus $4 shipping (PA residents add 7% tax)

Abstracted from the original deed books at the Recorder of Deeds office in Pittsburgh, these earliest books include Depreciation and Donation Lands, plus all of Northwestern Pennsylvania, which was part of Allegheny County until 1800. Although 30 Sep 1788 was the earliest recorded date, there are many references to earlier purchases that were recorded after 1788, or referenced in the description of the land. Many entries in addition to land deeds include manumissions, marriage contracts, estate settlements, etc. A history of Pennsylvania land transactions is in the Introduction. Western Pennsylvania was a gateway to the West and many people did land speculation that did not live there.

Not just a listing of buyer, seller, book and page number but a summary of the deed transaction with witnesses’ names and adjacent landholders’ names when stated. Contains an every name index in the 78-page softbound book.

Example: Deed book I, page 62: 16 Aug 1786 John Penn Jr. and John Penn to Casper Reel of Pitt Twp., Westmoreland Co. 10 pounds. In Col. Wood’s Plan, #413. Virgin Alley, 5th St. Signed: John Penn Jr., John Penn. Witnesses: Peter Miller, John Spooner, Jean Louis Patry. Recorded 24 Jan 1789.

Another example: Deed book I, page 86: 16 Jan 1787. Indenture. Thomas Girty of Pittsburgh and wife Anne to General Richard Butler of same place: “Whereas Johonisse Scanayadge and Cosswantinace, Chiefs or Sachems of the Six United Nations of Indians, by deed of 2 Aug 1749, did bargain and sell unto George Croghan Esq. in fee, a parcel of land situate on Eastern side of the River Ohio to the northward of an old Indian town called Shanopin Town at the mouth of a Run called Two Mile Run …. ”

A third example (just too good to leave out!): Deed book I, page 200, dated 2 May 1783. Indenture. Alexander Power of Philadelphia and Jonathan Williams of Nantes in Kingdom of France, merchant; 450 pounds paid by Richard Bache and John Spee of Philadelphia, merchants, on behalf of Jonathan Williams. Tract called “Alexandria” in County of Westmoreland on Salt Creek in Fairfield Twp. 400 acres. Rolls office for Pennsylvania – Patent Book 1, page 528. Signed Alexander Power. Witnesses: William Pollard, William Cavenaugh. Recorded 5 Aug 1789.

Baptisms in Trinity Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA
1803 – 1867

by Helen L. Harriss, CG in 1989. 78 pp. softbound, $15 plus $4 shipping (PA residents add 7% tax) Over 3,000 baptisms at one of Pittsburgh’s oldest churches, now Trinity Cathedral. Some date from 1798. Names of the parents and some sponsors are given. Notations such as “step-children of…” or “colored children” are also given.

Burials in Trinity Churchyard, Pittsburgh, PA

by Helen L. Harriss, CG. 77 pp., softbound. $15 plus $3 shipping (PA residents add 7% tax). Over 2,000 documented names of those buried in the oldest burying ground in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with dates and family information when available. Also:

  • History of the Burying Ground, including Indians, French and the English
  • The Burial Register of Fort Duquesne, translated from the French for the years 1754, 1755, and 1756.
  • Plot Plan and List of original owners from an 1871 document.
  • Funerals at Trinity Church from 1850 to 1867

Marriage Records of Squires Isaac and Joseph F. Mayes
(1814-1844) and (1882-1885)

by Helen L. Harriss, CG, Elizabeth J. Wall, Betty Treat Petrich, Pittsburgh, PA, 1978. 348 pp, softbound, privately published, limited edition. $10 plus $4 shipping (PA residents add 7% tax) Or you may be able to find it offered on www.eBay.com by typing “Genealogy +Pennsylvania” in the search box.

In an area that does not have Civil marriage records before 1885, here are over 7,000 marriages listed, many of eloping couples from Ohio and (West) Virginia. The two squires were in West Alexander, Washington County, Pennsylvania with Part I being devoted to Squire Isaac Mayes whose records cover October 1811 to June 1844. Part II are the marriages performed by his son, Squire Joseph Finley Mayes, covering May 1862 to February 1887. Each Part has the brides and grooms listed alphabetically. Examples:

  • Logan, Joseph to Margaret Wilson both of Air Twp., Bedford Co., PA 1 November 1813
  • Powell, Martha to William W. Clark both of Cincinnati, OH 22 June 1839
  • Powell, Sarah to John Drumman both of Ohio Co., VA 26 August 1824

Township of Pine, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 1796- 1996

is a 140-page softbound book written in 1996 by the Pine Township Historic Committee. $20 plus $4 shipping. This wonderfully done commemorative book has an everyname index (more names than listed below) and bibliography as well as pictures on almost every page. Dr. Jonas Salk (developer of the vaccine for Polio) lived in Pine township and has a biography in Chapter 8. Chapters include:

1. A Glimpse of our Early History (with maps and original landholders names back to 1794)

2. The Settling of Pine featuring segments on the Bower, Brooker, Cole, English, Graham, Logan, Mallerson, Marriner, McClintock, McKinney, McMarlin, Rogers, Swinderman, and Wallace families. Also included are the transcriptions of the Wills of Thomas Mallarson (1812), William McMarlin (1838), George Wallace (1834), Hugh McCush (1863), and Andrew English, Sr. (1882).

3. Eleven Churches and 15 Cemeteries (with maps) including Cross Roads Presbyterian Church (1826), St. Alphonsus R.C. Church (1840), Salem United Methodist Church (1868), Salem Heights Christian Life Center (1911), Perry Highway Lutheran Church (1951), First Church of Christ, Scientist (1956), Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (1957), Wexford Community United Presbyterian Church (1958), St. Andrew the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church (1975), North Way Christian Community (1981), John Cardinal Wright Vocation and Prayer Center.

4. Roads and Transportation (with pictures of old conveyances)

5. Township Services

6. Schools

7. I Remember (by local residents) are the memories of Pine Township of Chief Rich Baer, retired; Fran Connolly, Norm Datt, Helen Bower Diehl, Homer Ford, Walter J. Huey, William J. Killian, Frances McKinney Kopicki, Nancy Mantia, Wallace R. McMarlin, Fran Pegher, Don Peters, Rudy Pusic, Bob Swinderman, and Charles Utz.

8. We Remember (biographies of outstanding citizens): Edward Babcock, Ben Paul Brasley, Joe Grom, Dr. Roger Latham, Dr. Jonas Salk, Joe Clifton Trees, and Clarence Hartman

9. Organizations, Community Services & Health Care

10. Parks and Recreation

11. Pine Honors Its Veterans (including names of those who died in WWI and WWII)

12. Pine Pictorial, Portraits

A Pennsylvania Chronicle: The History of Marshall Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

This 452-page book is available in hardback ($40 +$5.00 postage) and was published in 1988. There are many photographs, illustrations and maps throughout the book. A bibliography and index are included.

Chapters include:

1. Early People, including photographs of arrowheads and a map of the Venango Trail and the Kuskusky Path.

2. The Land, including 1785 Depreciation Lands map and list of Warrant and Patent Holders.

3. The Grandfathers, a discussion and photos of the oldest living residents of the township: the trees.

4. Marshall Township: Formation and Farm Life, including maps from 1851, 1855, 1862, 1876, and 1898 showing where people lived.

5. Marshall Township: Structure and Services

6. Warrendale

7. Oil and the Harmony Line

8. Sewers and Roads

9 Churches and Schools

10. Historic Farms and Families, including main sections on Allman, Altmyer, Bauerlein, Boner, Breitenstein, Brown, Cairns, Cassilly, Concelman, Crea, Dater (Thater), Davis, Deer, Douthett, Eichley (Ickley), Eisenhut(e), Ettmire, Feil (File), Fisher, Forsyth(e), Frazier, Frey, Gross, Headland, Heck, Heil, Hood, Kretzler (Kraetzler), Kunsman, Mashey, McCawley, McCullough, Montgomery, Neely, Pfaff, Rian (Ryan, Rein), Robinson, Roll, Rosensteel, Sala, Shenot, Steigerwald, Stetter, Strobel, Wagner, Yund, Zimmer.

The Hartman Family of Medina County, Ohio: Souvenir History and Directory

Revised for the Reunion on 18 July 1993 at Lake Dorothy Park, Norton, Ohio

This 60-page book gives the history and descendants of Peter Hartman (1803-1880) and his wife Mary (Hummel) Hartman (1800-1885). Photos and copies of actual vital records enhance this fully indexed book. The Hartman family were pioneers of Sharon Township in Medina County having came from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Peter and Mary’s 12 children had many children of their own and produced many descendants with the families they married into: Halderman, Kunkler, Bare, Warner, Miller, Dunlap, Simcox, Lyle, Johns, Burgens, Fretz, Shank, Harnden, Caverly, Ebert, Baker, Shaffer. This book is an attempt to list Peter and Mary’s descendants.

Price is $5 plus $2 shipping. Send orders to Powell Genealogical Services.

An Index to the 1798 Direct Tax for Pennsylvania: Allegheny County

Compiled and published by Helen L. Harriss, CG in 1993. $5 plus $2.00 for shipping. (PA residents, please add 7% tax.) This 25-page book includes an everyname index, and the geographic listings of the property owners and the residents of Pittsburgh, Pitt Township, Plumb Township, Versailles Township, McKeesport, Perrysport, Elizabeth Township, Mifflin Township, St. Clair Township, Fayette Township, Moon Township.

For more information about the 1798 Federal Direct Tax, please see ABOUT THE 1798 TAX LISTS.


The 1798 Direct Tax is a unique reference source for genealogists looking for late eighteenth century Pennsylvania residents. Under the Act of 14 July 1798 (1 Stat. 597) Congress created the first property tax of its citizens. Related Acts provided for valuation of lands and buildings, of slaves, and wharves. Later, lists were prepared to show sale of property, uncollected taxes, etc.

In the majority of the States, these lists have not survived. Pennsylvania does have the most complete list and is available on microfilm. The original is available at the National Archives in Record Group 18, Records of Internal Revenue Service. A couple of the other states available are Massachusetts (including Maine) at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston; and Maryland at the Maryland Historical Society Library in Baltimore.

The original lists alphabetize the names under the first letter of the last name in the order in which the tax collector listed them. The index books follow this same order. The original lists should be consulted for more information on the individuals named which are contained on the Particulars Lists.

Several forms, called Particulars Lists, were prepared for the use of the Collectors:

FORM A: Dwelling Houses. Information on locations; dimensions; number of room and of stories; size of windows and number of panes; construction materials; number of outbuildings; number of acres; valuation; and name of occupant (Head of Household only). If occupant did not own property, the owner was also listed. The early Act required a tax on windowpanes; but was repealed 28 Feb 1799.

FORM B: Lands, Lots, Buildings, and Wharves. Shows size of tract or lot; number and description of all buildings except houses with valuation of over $300. Includes owners and/or Head of Household of occupants.

FORM C: Slaves. Names of owners, number of slaves, and of those aged between 12 to 50.

FORMS D, E, and F: General Lists. Consolidation of information on prior lists.

FORMS G, H, and K: Summaries.

Some of the forms were totally lost and others were so faded or illegible that they were useless. In some counties, lists have been included in the files which appear to have little or no relationship to the rest of the tax lists.

Descendants of Henry and Mary (Faust) Leckey of Johnstown, PA

by Elissa Scalise Powell, Certified Genealogist, and Donald Morris Leckey. 238 pages, Hardbound. $69.95 (plus $4 shipping). Limited printing to 50 books. Computer data DVD of over 500 scanned documents available optionally for $25 (plus $2 shipping). The Leckey family story is one of change — Henry and Mary Leckey and their children immigrated to America where they settled in Johnstown Pennsylvania. Change induced by the Great Flood of 1889 and by industrial slow-down necessitated Leckey descendants to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Far-flung throughout the United States and Canada, they are finally reunited in this book which is a result of the data gathered for Don’s initial project to move Henry and Mary’s graves to Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown.

Descendants of Heinrich and Maria (Faust) Leckey is not intended to be a family history but an outline of the over 1,000 individuals who are connected by blood and marriage to the immigrant couple. It is our hope that family members will pick up the baton, carrying the research further and flesh out the skeleton contained herein. This documented outline will help the next set of family researchers with a starting point to continue telling the Leckey family story.