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It has been said that Family History Research, or Genealogy, is the second largest hobby (after stamp and coin collecting). Everyone does have a family, and a curiosity about who has gone before us drives our quest to seek information on our ancestors. You begin by collecting the names, dates and places of your relatives' births, marriages, deaths, and burials starting with the most recent generations and working your way back, one generation at a time.

Once you have talked with all the relatives, collected the birth, marriage, and death certificates, newspaper obituaries, and census records, you may feel that you need professional help in order to further your research.

Powell Genealogical Services has been performing research in the western Pennsylvania area since 1990, and is quite familiar with the resources specific to this area. We have helped clients with both large and small projects -- from finding just one obituary to finding a family who passed through western Pennsylvania to finding the heirs of an estate. Please click on Research for more information on researching in the western Pennsylvania region.

Does your society need a program? Please consult our Lectures page and contact us for further discussion about your programming needs.

Looking for privately published or rare books of the western Pennsylvania area? Check out the Publications page.

We also conduct seminars and classroom instruction in western Pennsylvania locations. See the Classes page for information on scheduling your own custom course.

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Powell Genealogical Services
720 Highpoint Drive
Wexford, PA 15090-7571

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